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What do FedEx, Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, Reddit, Google, and Snapchat have in common? They were started by student entrepreneurs. But not every entrepreneurially-minded student is in a position to start a business venture during college or graduate school. Mason’s academic entrepreneurship programs have been designed to give you the tools you will need to start an entrepreneurial venture at any time during your life.

No Matter Your Major, We Want You​​​!

Mason’s Entrepreneurship Minor is available to all Mason undergraduate students, regardless of major. With only two required classes and three electives drawn from class offerings across the university, the entrepreneurship minor is easy for most bachelors’ students to complete during their time at Mason. Large and small employers in the DC area, across the country and around the world are actively seeking out entrepreneurial employees; these are the employees who will not be afraid to ask probing questions, will be willing to take calculated risks, and will take ownership of their projects. Earning the entrepreneurship minor will also help you if you plan to launch your own venture while still a student or later in your career.

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The annual Deans' Business Competition calls on investors, entrepreneurs, and members of the Washington, D.C. innovation community and game industry to serve as judges.