Become a Mason Angel

Mason Angels is an investor network that links accredited investors with an affiliation with the university to aspiring entrepreneurs.​

Most members are Mason alums, but that's not required. Angels also add value through being mentors. We value your knowledge and experience as much as your financial backing.

Why be an angel investor? There are several benefits:

  • Meet interesting people working at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. They're driven and passionate, and you can track a new product or service from its beginning through to its introduction to the market.
  • Put your money where your heart is. For example, If the environment is a cause that you care about, invest in a startup that's working toward sustainability. 
  • Boost the economy by helping employ others. Small businesses create the majority of new jobs in the United States.
  • Be an entrepreneur without doing the tough part. The CEO takes responsibility for the company's startup, growth, and success. You can be a part of that without working 18-hour days.
  • Learn a new skill. As an investor, you'll likely be on the board of directors. Getting broad experience at a startup could lead to positions at bigger companies.

Mason Angels meets quarterly with entrepreneurs who are seeking funding. To learn more, contact Karen Livingston, Associate Director for Entrepreneurship Programs.