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Entrepreneurial Programs

A vibrant economy with great job opportunities depends on the creation of new businesses. Mason contributes to the Washington, D.C. area's prosperity by providing the knowledge, tools, and services that startups need.​

Turn Your Idea into Reality​

Owning your own company gives you control of your working life, the ability to make decisions quickly, and the flexibility to work when you want to and when you need to. You can determine and meet market demands, and develop products and services that make a difference in people's lives.​

Mason wants to help you do that. We can:​

  • Provide mentorship in business skills
  • Refine a financial plan
  • Help position a product in the marketplace
  • Furnish temporary office space
  • Give guidance on doing business with the government

Karen Livingston, Associate Director for Entrepreneurship Programs is working to expand the new business ecosystem at Mason by growing the university's entrepreneurship initiatives and developing our entrepreneurial footprint.

3D printed ukulele

3D printed ukulele at the MIX.

We're invested in your success. Small business start-ups have a cascading effect. The goods and services they provide drive demand for additional goods and services, benefiting the well-being of the overall economy.