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For Faculty

Mason faculty members' research can solve real-world problems. We provide the services and programs you need to launch a startup and establish a company that will make that happen.​

Get Expert Guidance, Tangible Help

Mason will provide the resources and advice you need to take your research results or great idea and create a new market-ready venture.

We have experts with years of experience working with start-ups who can walk you through the process of taking your ideas from inspiration to reality.

Mason also offers a variety of resources to help you through the creation and launch process, through such venues as the Mason Enterprise Centers, including:​

  • Patenting services.
  • Small business innovation research grant-writing help.
  • Conference rooms.
  • Audiovisual equipment.
  • Training.
  • Network events.

Protect Intellectual Property

You've created something new, and you're ready to bring it to the public's attention and start putting it to use.

This is the time to start thinking about a patent. You'll need one if you have developed new:

  • Processes.
  • Machines.
  • Composition of matter.
  • Articles of manufacture.

Initial patents (called provisional applications) must be filed within a year of an enabling public disclosure, which is when you show off your creation and let someone reproduce it.

We encourage faculty members to speak with someone in the Office of Technology Transfer before making any public disclosure to ensure the protection of your intellectual property. Contact the OTT at 703-993-8933 to make an appointment.