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Our clubs, competitions, makerspaces, and centers help bring your ideas to life by giving you the tools, support, and expert advice you need.

Even if you do your best thinking when you're alone, it still pays to hang out with others who are interested in creating a business.​ Working in a group, a club, or as part of a team can put you a step ahead for a number of reasons.​

  • It can be tough for one person to find a solution or make a decision on a complex project. Bouncing ideas off each other, especially when you have different skills and strengths, help you see a variety of alternatives. Exploring these options can lead to a winning solution.
  • When you're under a time crunch, a group or team can wrap up tasks and meet goals more quickly than a single person who's responsible for everything. Sharing responsibilities among specialists increases a project's efficiency.
  • If one person is sick or has to write a paper for a class, the project won't fall behind, because the rest of the team will continue to work.
  • Push yourself to do your best in an atmosphere of friendly competition. When team members want to outdo or show off for each other, the result is work that's a cut above the rest.
  • While you're competing, you're also forming a bond. When you're working together toward a single goal, friendships are usually the result.
  • Team members learn from each other. Each person has his or her own set of skills and knowledge. Sharing what you know and teaching others how to do something raises the value of the unit as a whole.
Mason Makers

One of the ways you'll learn how to create something new is by first learning how something that already exists works. Here, students take computers and electronic toys apart to examine the components and find out how they operate and work together.