Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Mason Impact Courses with a Focus on Entrepreneurship

Designated Mason Impact Entrepreneurship courses offer students the chance to see a problem as an opportunity, to discover a solution, start a business, or create a prototype. Mason Impact offers a bold and challenging approach to academics, preparing you to tackle global questions and issues. You'll look at your studies with a different perspective. 

Paris Comparative Entrepreneurship 

Comparative Entrepreneurship is the first significant step in offering both French and American students a chance to engage and learn from one another in a collaborative and creative environment. Spend spring break in Paris exploring comparative entrepreneurship with L'Université Paris-Dauphine and George Mason University Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. For information contact Karen Livingston, Faculty Director.

Entrepreneurship Minor

The Entrepreneurship Minor, offered by the School of Business, is available to all Mason undergraduate students, regardless of major. The entrepreneurship minor provides students with an interest in learning more about elements of new venture creation and the ability to gain a strong set of entrepreneurship acumen. In combination with the school's expanding co-curricular entrepreneurship programs, the minor in entrepreneurship will provide an experiential platform to grow student skill sets, networks, and professional portfolios. 

BA in Integrative Studies, Concentration in Social Innovation in Action

The Concentration in Social Innovation, offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, is designed to help you understand and develop viable solutions to pressing social and environmental problems. There are many approaches to addressing societal concerns including governmental policy and social activism. Social Innovators engage these sectors but also utilize entrepreneurial practices of the business sector to build solutions that are self-sustaining and scalable and are not dependent on charitable contributions or government funding.