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Office of Technology Transfer

Sharing Knowledge to Make a Difference​​

Making a great discovery or coming up with a great idea is rewarding, but you want to do more. The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) brings innovations developed through the university's academic pipeline to the marketplace.​

The office manages the protection, marketing, and commercialization of all patentable intellectual property developed within the university, as well as copyrights and non-patentable intellectual property, such as software.​

Scientist in a Lab

The Office of Technology Transfer offers services to Mason faculty and students to ensure that work is protected and brought to market for the public's benefit.

If you've made a discovery through research, developed a process, or created a service, OTT can help you:​

  • Protect inventions through the copyright and patenting process.
  • Create a startup.
  • License your creation to an existing company.
  • Manage intellectual property development.
  • Create strategic business partnerships with external stakeholders
  • Identify commercially relevant technologies.

In exchange for the right to use and commercialize technologies, the university receives royalty payments. Mason distributes a portion of licensing income to the investigators and departments that created the technologies.​

Forms you might need include:​